Love what you wear

Esa Evans contemporary fashion jewellery began on a kitchen table in 2011. Esa realised that if she couldn't find what the accessories she craved, she would have to start making them. Her jewellery is now sold online and in shops, galleries and museums across the UK and around the world.

Drawing her inspiration from art, music and nature, her designs are realised in stainless steel and finished in a range of gold, rose-gold, enamel and powder-coated finishes.

She applies a personal test to all her jewellery. Does she love it, will she wear it and will it last? Only jewellery that meets her quality and aesthetic standards make it into her collections.

Collaborations and private commissions are a growing part of the brand. If you have dreams for a new collection and you would like Esa to lead the design process, please contact us to start the discussion.